Blogs worth paying for

I’ve always wanted to be a patron of the arts, the kind of guy where the rising painter unveils his work and says, “And all of this was made possible by the generosity of our host for the evening, MR. RUSSELL!”

Unfortunately, I am neither wealthy enough nor educated enough about art to pay for any young talent’s work. I am however, an avid reader and geek. I can tell you when a blogger is good at putting out interesting content on a regular basis and whether or not they have a style of their own or are just regurgitating press releases from Engadget/The Verge/TechCrunch/etc. 

And supporting these guys is pretty damn affordable. So if you’re like me and derive most of your enjoyment from homegrown blogs written by one or two guys, maybe you should think about sending a few bucks their way so that they don’t have to give up on this whole writing thing. Some blogs I’ve decided are worth paying for:  – While Gruber’s obviously raking in the money with his ads and RSS sponsorships, the quality of his writing and his connections at Apple make buying the t-shirts he sells every few months a no-brainer. – A less well-known blog than the others listed here, Harry Mark’s RSS feed is always full of snarky and insightful writing that pretty much skewers at least one lazy journalist per day. – I love this blog because Stephen Hackett isn’t your average technology writer. He isn’t in the Bay Area and he’s actually worked on the front lines as an Apple Genius. – A great Apple blog, but also a great source of funny/interesting videos and articles on topics ranging from music to new Heineken beer bottle designs. The free music Jim linked to from SXSW (over 7 gigs, all legal!) alone ensured my subscription for at least the next year.

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