‘Star Trek’ Gameplay Impressions

Jason Evangelho, for Video Game Writers:

Overall, the New Vulcan mission represented a good balance of suspense, exploration, co-op interactions, and downright intense action. Digital Extremes has certainly taken some cues from the Uncharted series in terms of scripted events and cinematic camera work, but it’s too early to tell if the gunplay has the kind of responsiveness we’d expect. The two quicktime events (a mechanic that needs to die an instant death) were brief and didn’t detract from the experience.

Graphically it still needs some polish (again, this is Alpha gameplay footage), but there is no denying that fans of the Star Trek universe and couch co-op in general should have a field day with this one when it releases in early 2013. Publisher Namco Bandai will certainly be teasing out more information as the release date gets closer, but from the two preview events we’ve attended thus far, Star Trek shows immense potential.

Considering Digital Extremes’s track record, the fact that this won’t simply follow the plot of the second movie, and that the gameplay is taking cues from the action-adventure series to beat for the last several years, I’d say that this game has a good chance of being a rather enjoyable experience.

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