‘WWDC Banner Confirms iOS 6 Announcement’

I mentioned this post on MacRumors yesterday on the podcast, but I never addressed it here. From the MacRumors piece:

With Apple having dropped numbering and other descriptors from its latest model of the iPad earlier this year, there has been speculation that the company may follow suit with other products such as the iPhone. Today’s banner indicates that the company will at least continue marketing iOS using its version number. 

The problem with this paragraph is that absolutely no one thought that the numbering scheme would be dropped for iOS. Apple doesn’t have a numbering scheme for any of the Macs it sells, yet Mac OS X is still numbered for each new major release, and that’s likely how it’s going to be for hardware running iOS in the future. 

Beyond that, I have an issue with the post and others like it on Engadget, AppleInsider, and elsewhere: everyone knew that iOS 6 would be announced at WWDC. Posting about a single banner simply makes the sites look desparate for page views (as if they didn’t look that way already).

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