Oh look, people are starting to come back to reality regarding the Ouya

Dave Tach, for The Verge:

“It’s not going to ship,” Dent told Polygon. “It’s just not going to ship. It just costs too much to develop this. $4 million is nothing. They’ve got to pay fabrication. They’ve got to pay designers. They’ve got to pay manufacturers. They’ve got to market it. It’s a business. $4 million is nothing.”

Pretty damning, but pretty obvious. Even if they take in $10 million, we’re still not talking about much. Making a game with a couple hundred thousand dollars is definitely doable. Manufacturing a piece of hardware that’ll play high definition games at a tolerable frame rate? That’s a completely different story. But that’s not even the Ouya’s biggest problem. As Verge member ounkeo writes:

My thoughts exactly.. exactly how excited are develppers to be developing (and incurring cost) for a market that is only 40,000 units?

Personally, if it’s not pushing millions of units and install base, it’s a waste of time. Even assuming every single owner buys a game at (let’s say) $3 (because i really can’t see games selling for more than that here), your revenue is $120k minus 30% for the market means a good game would probably make 90k ish+

Getting a team to build anything remotely interesting will probably cost in the 60k (average) – $100k+++ range. Even assuming every person buys the game, which they won’t, you’re only breaking even, maybe making a very small profit if the game is relatively simple.

On a console that promises that every game will have a free-to-play aspect, developers won’t get out of bed for less than a hundred thousand potential users.

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