Getting back in the swing of things

I hate when bloggers are flaky and don’t post for a few days at a time. I have lots of time when I’m just sitting and want to look at my phone, but I need content in my RSS reader, dammit!

Worse than a few days off is an extended period – let’s say a month. Where the fuck did you go? You couldn’t take 10 minutes (okay, 2 minutes) away from looking at porn to stop in and say, “Hey, sorry I’ve been gone. I’ve had some shit going down in my life, needed to get away from the Internet for a while. I’m still alive, thanks for the concern!”?

Of course, I am a giant hypocrite. This post is me coming back to apologize for being gone for the last TWO months. Why did I give up on my favorite creative outlet? There are a few reasons:

  • My workload eventually picked up at my summer job, and I was doing all of my blogging while sitting at my desk waiting for more work to do.
  • I broke up with my girlfriend of ten months, which kind of sent me to a bad place for a few weeks.
  • I visited my family in Florida while they were in the process of moving, and thus had no Internet access for a week.
  • I moved back to Berkeley, and spent several weeks catching up with all the friends I hadn’t seen all summer.
  • School started, and my schedule is pretty intense compared to what I did last year.

Now that most of these are non-issues, I’ve started feeling a persistent itch to go write something. There’s plenty to cover: a new iPhone, I’ve been watching plenty of great television and movies with friends, Mitt Romney keeps making an ass out of himself, and the technology news sites are always publishing plenty of bullshit to tear apart. So this is me saying that I’m back. 

Now, to write something fun.

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