Email forwarding: I’m an idiot for not doing this sooner

Like many Berkeley students, I’ve finally reached the point where I’m sick of CalMail. I could describe how shitty the interface is, or try to convey how often the site freezes and sends out three copies of my emails, but I decided that I could get most of the idea across with a single screenshot. 

​When I upgraded my iPhone 4S to iOS 6 last week, I was reminded that I could create an iCloud email address. I decided that there could be no harm in it, and took the 5 seconds needed to set it up. I then left it untouched until today, when I went to check my Gmail inbox. I had over 500(!) unread emails, and decided enough was enough. It was time to simplify things.

In approximately 3 minutes, I was able to point both of my email addresses to my iCloud address. From there, I upgraded my MacBook Air to Mac OS X 10.8.2, which let me turn on mail syncing within the iCloud settings in Preferences. I then opened the Mail app and deleted​ my Gmail account. Now when I open Mail, I am greeted by this glorious sight:

There’s beauty in simplicity, don’t you think?​

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