Apple iPad mini hands-on

Josh Topolsky, over at The Verge:​

Like most Apple products, the build of the smaller tablet is excellent, easily surpassing the competition on the market. By comparison, the Nexus 7 and Fire HD feel like toys. Other manufacturers are going to have to up their game with this product in town. It’s just a striking difference in materials and solidness.

So it’s like an iPad… just smaller.

That’s the idea.

Inside the device is an A5 CPU, which might be a cause for concern considering the fact that it’s most definitely a last generation chip (actually, two generations old now thanks to the A6X). Performance on the tablet, however, suggests that it will do just fine with the current crop of iPad software. Applications I tried out seemed to run as snappily as anything on the 3rd generation iPad. Titles like Real Racing 2 took a little bit of time to boot up, but gameplay was fine. My suspicion is that fewer pixels to push around onscreen makes for speedier performance overall.

​Actually, it’s only one generation. The A6X – like the A5X before it – is simply an A6 with extra graphics horsepower to help pump out all the pixels on the Retina iPad. Also, it’s funny that Josh tries to guesstimate the performance of this thing, because we already know exactly how it will do: just as well as the iPad 2, which has the exact same specs behind it.

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