Samsung posts operating profit of $7.4b for Q3 2012

Samsung has just released its financial results for Q3 2012, and it’s a big one. Sales of smartphones and display panels drove up revenues to 52.18 trillion won (about $47.5 billion), a 26 percent increase over the same time frame last year. Operating profits came in at 8.12 trillion won — approximately $7.4 billion, and an all-time high for the company — which amounts to a whopping 91 percent increase from last year.

Amazing. That’s less than a billion dollars away from Apple, which had profits of $8.2 billion during the same quarter.​ Whether or not you think they coped Apple (or even if you don’t think it matters if they did), Samsung is kicking ass as a business.

Compare these numbers to Amazon’s. Clearly, there’s something to be said for selling hardware for a profit.​

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