Samsung shipped a stunning 57M smartphones in Q3 — twice as many as Apple

Samsung shipped 56.9 million of the 162 million smartphones sold globally in the third quarter of 2012, according to the latest research from Strategy Analytics. That adds up to a massive 35 percent global share in a market that is also growing at 35 percent annually.

So yeah, more signs that Samsung is kicking ass. I bet Google is feeling great about that Motorola purchase.​

​There was one thing I didn’t like in John’s writeup:

Legal issues, billion-dollar lawsuitsITC judgements — none of it seems to be interfering with Samsung’s focus, which is winning with the customer. While Samsung shipped 56.9 million units, Apple — which just reported good but not great financial results in its recent quarter — shipped 26.9 million iPhones.

Good but not great? They beat Apple’s expectations and were the highest for the company for that quarter ever. But hey, let’s all keep listening to the analysts.

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