Microsoft’s new tune: Only 16GB open on a 32GB Surface, not “more than 20GB,” as promised

When the Surface’s pricing and storage options were announced, it received praise coming with, at minimum, 32 gigabytes of internal storage. That’s twice what the low-cost, full-size, and current-model iPad sports, it was noted.

However, once you nickel and dime your way through the amount of stuff Microsoft has installed on the device, you end up with a flat 16 gigabytes of open space. Ding.

I was going to say something witty about how the Surface doesn’t really have a price advantage with regard to regard to flash memory, doesn’t have a Retina screen, and has dozens of amazing apps to download in its store, but then I decided to just link to this post from CNet complaining about the iPad 3 only had 28 GB of space available out of the box.

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