An issue of framing

Maybe, if instead of bitching about unions and government workers and how it’s so unfair that they bargain for their pensions, it would be more productive to question why *you* don’t have one. Your company is profitable, why should all of that be going to shareholders? I say this as a man who has most of his money in the stock market, so I’m not proposing communism here, I like my healthy returns just as much as the next guy.

A lot of problems in America would go away if our society demanded that our successes be shared. Not redistributed – I’m not saying we should have a wealth tax, so don’t come at me with that attack either. I’m saying that if management at companies decided to reinvest their profits in the livelihoods of their employees, there would be many, many benefits – better quality of life for the workers, lower crime rates (you don’t steal a television when you can afford a nice one yourself), and higher growth thanks to increased consumption.

This isn’t a new idea – Ford did it decades ago. A shame we tend to forget the lessons of the past.

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