David Fincher’s House of Cards is Netflix’s best show

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULwUzF1q5w4]

Amazing show. It’s like Bizarro The West Wing – it’s not portraying some ideal government, where the good guys are right on every position and more likable than their opponents. This is a show about power, about  staking a place in the history books. Kevin Spacey’s fourth-wall breaking asides to the camera are always perfectly acted and often darkly hilarious. Netflix needed to prove that it could create content as good or better than the offerings from HBO and AMC, and it looks like they’ve succeeded:

“House of Cards” is sparking thousands of mentions every hour, according to analysis by social media research firm Fizziology. About 62% of the remarks are positive, with negative conversation virtually non-existent.

Most of those expressing mixed views are saying they don’t have time to watch the series.

“This indicates that if they can’t watch it all at once, they may not watch it until they have time to consume more than one or two episodes at a time,” Fizziology President Ben Carlson said. “This might mean that people feel pressured to binge-watch the series.”

Netflix found that its subscribers indulge in these marathon viewing sessions, watching episode after episode — or even entire series — over short periods of time. Complex serialized dramas such as AMC‘s “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” have been beneficiaries of this copious TV consumption.

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