Kevin L. James – a gay Republican who supports medical marijuana and improving the environment – to run for mayor of Los Angeles

Kevin L. James a Long Shot in Race for Mayor of Los Angeles –

And Mr. James has retained John Weaver, a Republican political consultant who has long advised Mr. McCain, as his senior political adviser. Mr. Weaver has increasingly warned that Republicans are marginalizing themselves by moving to the right on issues like abortion, gay rights and immigration.

“He is from central casting about what a future Republican candidate can look like in an urban or blue state and win,” Mr. Weaver said. “It’s important for the party. We have not done well nationally since we stopped winning in California.”

Mr. James’s draw for these men is not only that he is a fiscal conservative who supports abortion rights and same-sex marriage, or that he is a colorful show horse in a field of gray. (At a debate the other night, he kept standing up when it was his turn to speak, even as everyone else settled politely into their chairs.)

This is the only direction the Republican can go that would allow them to remain relevant. Based on his campaign website, Mr. James seems to be a reasonable guy – he supports medical marijuana, working to improve the environment, and creating more public transportation in the city of Los Angeles. If it were between him and a Democrat I didn’t like, I wouldn’t feel bad about voting for the guy.

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