Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?

Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence? –

Exhibit A is the performance of the Romney brain trust, which has suffered an unusually vigorous postelection thrashing for badly losing a winnable race. Criticism begins with the candidate — a self-described data-driven chief executive who put his trust in alarmingly off-the-mark internal polls and apparently did not think to ask his subordinates why, for example, they were operating on the assumption that fewer black voters would turn out for Obama than in 2008. Romney’s senior strategist, Stuart Stevens, may well be remembered by historians, as one House Republican senior staff member put it to me, “as the last guy to run a presidential campaign who never tweeted.” (“It was raised many times with him,” a senior Romney official told me, “and he was very categorical about not wanting to and not thinking it was worth it.”)

The disconnect between Romney and the average voter wasn’t the only reason he lost last November. It turns out his campaign (along with the rest of the GOP) was simply way behind Obama and the Democrats when it came to using technology and social media.

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