The GOP doesn’t support policies that help struggling Americans

The minimum wage and the doom of the GOP.:

One thing Republicans could do in response to President Obama’s popular plan to help economically struggling Americans is say “yes” and vote for it. But obviously they won’t do that.

So something else they could do is take up one of several alternative policies that economists tend to like better. They could embrace a larger Earned Income Tax Credit. They could embrace a Guaranteed Basic Income. They could target their assistance at families with a bigger refundable child tax credit. But they’re not going to do any of those things either. Nor are they going to say that the real solution is expansionary monetary policy to create tight labor markets and the chance for workers to obtain higher market wages without government intervention. They’re just going to offer nothing, until at some point Democrats have enough seats to pass the minimum wage hike or a handful of Republicans defect and join them.

There are many policies that the GOP could support that would help your average American struggling through these hard economic times and fit within the Republican modus operandi of always lowering taxes. They choose not to pursue enacting them.

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