The mainstream media treated Bush better than it does Obama

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Hey, Sean Hannity, here’s what a “lapdog” press really looks like –

Complaining about the “liberal media” has been a running, four-decade story for conservative activists. But what we’re hearing more of lately is the specific allegation that the press has purposefully laid down for the Democratic president, and that it’s all part of a master media plan to help Democrats foil Republicans.

The rolling accusation caught my attention since I wrote a book called Lapdogs, which documented the Beltway media’s chronic timidity during the previous Republican administration, and particularly with regards to the Iraq War. I found it curious that Hannity and friends are now trying to turn the rhetorical tables with a Democrat in the White House, and I was interested in what proof they had to lodge that accusation against today’s press.

It turns out the evidence is quite thin. For instance, one never-ending partisan cry has been the press has “ignored” the terrorist attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi last year; that they’re protecting Obama. Yet the New York Times and Washington Post have published nearly 800 articles and columns mentioning Benghazi since last September, according to Nexis.

What the lapdog allegation really seems to revolve around is the fact that conservatives are angry that Obama remains popular with the public. Rather than acknowledge that reality, partisans increasingly blame the press and insist if only reporters and pundits would tell ‘the truth’ about Obama, then voters would truly understand how he’s out to destroy liberty and freedom and capitalism.

I used to occasionally listen to a couple of minutes of Sean Hannity on my commute home from school each day. The amount of time that I could tolerate it for varied widely, but generally I would get sick of his misrepresentation of reality after three to five minutes.

I don’t understand how people can watch hours of Hannity and the other liars/idiots on Fox News day in and day out without their brains turning to mush. If you honestly believed these people, you’d think that the United States is led by Emperor Obama and his Consulates, Pelosi and Reid. Never mind the fact that Republicans have effectively brought responsible governing to a halt since 2010.

Bush got away with invading a country without good reason or declaring war. Obama gets called out on basically every misstep he takes. A shame the truth doesn’t make for a very good story.

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