Gabe of Penny Arcade on the Surface Pro tablet

Microsoft surface pro

Penny Arcade:

As a mobile solution for a digital artist I’d say the Surface Pro is a winner. Now obviously if you need Photoshop you will probably want to wait until they get their driver issues worked out. If you’re a Sketchbook user (or you could be) then this thing is ready to go right now. I had some people on Twitter asking if the Surface Pro makes sense as an alternative to a Cintiq at home or the office. That one is harder for me to answer. I personally really like my Cintiq 24HD and I would not use the Surface pro at the office instead of it. With that said, if I had about a grand to spend and I was looking at a Cintiq, I’d say the Surface Pro is a much better purchase than the12WX Cintiq. The 64gb Surface Pro and the 12” Cintiq are about the same price but with the Surface, not only are you getting a fantastic drawing tablet that you can take with you wherever you go, it’s also a fucking computer!

This is probably the most positive thing that I’ve read about the Surface. It makes sense, really – he needs a tablet that lets him do digital artwork with the fewest hassles possible. The tech press is looking for a general purpose device that will replace their tablet/laptop (it doesn’t help that it’s priced somewhere in between what most people pay for those two kinds of devices).

As Gabe points out, for someone looking into buying a high-end drawing device like a Cintiq, the Surface Pro is a steal. After all, you also basically get a laplet/tabtop (because we need more stupid terms like phablet) thrown in for free.

The problem is that Microsoft is trying to sell this as a mainstream device like the MacBook Air or the iPad. At its current price point, I don’t think its compromises make it appealing to people looking to buy a device at either end of that spectrum.

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