Cliff Bleszinski on the problem with making video game sequels

Clifford Unchained – The Problem with Sequels:

But if you give the hardcore what they claim to want then the press respond “It’s just Game 1.5”

And then if you change it too much the hardcore will claim “you ruined it!” while the press might just give you accolades for a bold, fresh take.

That, my friends, is the sequel conundrum. 

It’s a lose-lose situation. Lots of young and nerdy creative types for the last decade or so have looked at video games and thought, “Yeah, I could make these for a living.”

In reality, it turns out that even dream jobs have their downsides. In the case of game designers, it’s that the balance that has to be found between making the game you want to play and the game the hardcore fans want and the game the press want to see.

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