Crytek To Bid On Darksiders IP During May THQ Auction

While most of THQ’s intellectual properties have been sold off in light of its demise, there are a few left up for grabs in the upcoming May property auction. One of the choice IP’s remaining is Vigil’s Darksiders, which Far Cry and Crysis developer Crytek is interested in giving it a new home, according to Gamasutra.

The confirmation comes from tweets from Crytek USA’s CEO David Adams, as well as a quote from Vigil co-founder Ryan Stefanelli confirming that Crytek will be bidding on the franchise.

Darksiders II, first released last August, only sold 1.5 million units, and did not meet sales expectations for THQ despite being received well by critics. Personally, I found the game a little dull, and actually fell asleep while playing it. There was something about it that just didn’t capture the Zelda-like feeling of the original, and the focus on picking up tons of loot that was only marginally different from previous loot just didn’t grab me.

It’s hard to say what a Crytek-produced Darksiders sequel would play like, but at least it’ll be pretty. Aside from some console ports that didn’t quite match their PC counterparts, Crytek games almost always look bleeding-edge due to the company’s preference for developing new engines that make PC’s cry and die.


Let’s all take a moment to not take Liz Cheney seriously

Liz Cheney for The Wall Street Journal:

President Obama is the most radical man ever to occupy the Oval Office. The national debt, which he is intent on increasing, has passed $16 trillion. He believes that more government borrowing and spending are the solution to every problem. He seems unaware that the free-enterprise system has lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system devised by man.

I wonder what drugs you have to take to get to the reality that Liz Cheney lives in. My guesses are shrooms or mescaline.

Seriously, Andrew Jackson did the Trail of Tears and Obama is the most radical President ever? Get the fuck out.

Americans strongly support government job creation proposals

Americans Widely Back Government Job Creation Proposals:

Job creation proposals enjoy widespread public support, including majority backing among all party groups, even when the issue of government spending is raised in an era when deficit reduction is one of the major priorities for the federal government. Despite the high levels of support for the job creation proposals, the political realities in Washington are such that Congress has not passed any of the proposals since President Obama first advocated many of these more than a year ago. The major sticking point with jobs legislation — as with most other measures being considered in Washington — may not be whether the programs should be pursued but whether the government should pay for them through increased taxes or cuts in other government programs.

I wonder what Obama would have to put on the table to get a job creation bill out of House Republicans. Food stamps? Medicaid? The Cadillac subsidy included with welfare?

Blackberry posts a profit in Q4 2012

BlackBerry Posts Promising Q4 Results After BB10 Launch: EPS Of $0.22, Revenue Of $2.7B, ~1M Z10s Shipped | TechCrunch:

BlackBerry needs to figure out how to bring BlackBerry 10 to the masses in a big way, lest it yield its hard-fought position to a sea of cheap Android phones.

Quick, get in the Delorean! Chris Velazco is stuck in 2008!

I jest, I jest. So how did Blackberry pull this off? Is the Z10 selling like gangbusters or something?  Businessweek’s Felix Gillette gives us the reason:

Heins has since eliminated 5,000 workers and shuttered several manufacturing sites. Along the way, he has managed to achieve a profitable quarter even as overall revenue dropped 36 percent from the previous year.

IGDA Draws Fire Over Dancing Girls at GDC 2013 Party

IGDA Party, Photo by Alicia AvrilKeeping with today’s theme of “why does the game industry suck so much for women?” comes word of an International Game Developer’s Association party at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference featuring girls dancing  for the “amusement” of party goers.

The story broke after the included picture, taken by student developer Alicia Avril, showed up in a Forbes article relating the tale.

Apparently, there were scantily clad, dancing women on a stage at the party, with some performing on stilts in the middle of the crowd. What this has to do with celebrating diversity and community within the game development industry, I have no idea.

As a result of the backlash, Brenda Romero, game designer and IGDA co-chair for the Women in Games Special Interest Group, has resigned from her position, as reported by Polygon.

According to the Polygon article, which sources multiple tweets from IGDA board members, there was hesitance to not use YetiZen as a sponsor after a similar party occurred last year. It appears that this was a valid concern, as YetiZen brought the dancers in for this year’s party.

While you could crucify the entire IGDA over what happened here, and you wouldn’t be entirely off-base in doing so, it’s important to remember that the entire organization doesn’t stand for this sort of objectification of women. While a group is only as strong as its weakest member, and this weakness will definitely tarnish the IGDA’s reputation, the resignations in light of the debacle are a clear indicator that the entirety of its membership isn’t oblivious as to why something like this just isn’t acceptable.

There’s still hope for us all, so long as we keep talking about these things in a constructive way as they occur.

Apple trying to win back pro video editors

Apple aims to win over video editors –

Now, after updating the software seven times since its release in 2011, Apple is launching a campaign Thursday aimed at winning back skeptical professional users.

That campaign, timed to coincide with the National Assn. of Broadcasters convention that starts April 6 in Las Vegas, will feature users like Julian Liurette, who followed the firestorm from his video editing desk in Toronto at the Globe and Mail newspaper.

A marketing campaign is one thing, but video editing professionals need horsepower. The Mac Pro hasn’t been updated since 2010 – the new iMacs and MacBook Pros are catching up to it in performance. I don’t expect Apple to make any major inroads until they release their “something great” that we heard about last summer.

Press Member Banned From PAX East 2013 Over Sexist Remarks

If you’ve been around the game industry for more than ten minutes, you’ve probably seen how misogynistic it can be. Crystal Dynamics’ Meagan Marie, formerly of Game Informer, made a step forward this last weekend when she refused to suffer awkward sexual comments towards her Tomb Raider cosplayers.

The details of the encounter come via Game Informer in a post that links directly to the incident as described on Marie’s tumblr:

I moved in closer and inquired “Excuse me, what did you ask?” with a forced smile on my face, so to give him the benefit of the doubt. He laughed and didn’t respond, moving a few steps away as I repeated the question to the group of women. Turns out he’d probed what it felt like “knowing that none of the men in this room could please them in bed.” Yes, I’m aware it’s a poor adaptation of a gag told by a certain puppet dog with an affinity for insults. Lack of originally doesn’t excuse this behavior, however.

My anger flared upon hearing this, and for a moment I almost let it get the best of me. I attempted to calm myself down before walking towards him and the cameraman, and expressing that it was rude and unprofessional to assume that these young women were comfortable discussing sexual matters on camera. I intended to leave the conversation at that, but his subsequent response escalated matters quickly and clearly illustrated that this ran much deeper than a poor attempt at humor. He proceeded to tell me that “I was one of those oversensitive feminists” and that “the girls were dressing sexy, so they were asking for it.” Yes, he pulled the “cosplay is consent” card.

Marie followed up on the incident with PAX officials, who assured her that the press member would not be bothering anyone at PAX again.

In response, a friend of the accused has posted on Facebook, claiming that the banning was “unjust”. Be warned that the comments on all linked pieces may be considered triggers for those who have suffered abuse of this kind in the past, as things spiral out of control fairly quickly.

What’s most appalling is that this isn’t anything new. Sexualization and a lack of respect for women in the game industry, while less acceptable now than it was 20 years ago, is still an issue. Even with my limited show-floor experience, I’ve been witness to some utterly reprehensible treatment of women, including propositions for sexual favors and some outright fondling. It’s unacceptable, and it needs to stop.

Before you pick up the pitchforks and jump into the comment wars, however, heed the advice of Susan Arendt, Editor-in-Chief over at The Escapist, who drops a final bit of wisdom via twitter:


Hideo Kojima Confirms Metal Gear Solid V at GDC 2013

Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima is, if nothing else, eccentric to a fault. Ever since he trolled fans by making Raiden the true protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in lieu of series mainstay Solid Snake, Kojima has relied on mysterious, cryptic misdirection to keep fans in the dark about his games.

So when he announced both Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and the mysterious Phantom Pain in 2012, fans began to speculate that Phantom Pain was actually a fifth Metal Gear Solid game. Turns out, they were partially right, as Kojima revealed during his Game Developer Conference 2013 panel today that Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are both the same game: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, as reported by GamesBeat and

The game takes place right after Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, with an attack on Naked Snake’s PMC headquarters leaving him short one arm and stuck in a coma for 9 years. MGSV will run on Kojima’s FOX Engine, which is purportedly capable of photo-realistic visuals. A trailer is now available on YouTube.

One-fifth of Blackberry 10 apps are Android ports

Ina Fried for AllThingsD:

Roughly 20 percent of the 100,000 BlackBerry 10 apps fall into this category, according to Martyn Mallick, BlackBerry’s vice president for global alliances and business development.

What do Blackberry users and Android tablet users have in common? Shitty Android phone app ports.

I also thought this was cute:

As for the U.S. launch, Mallick said he isn’t putting too much stock in reports that the Z10 is getting a lukewarm response at AT&T. Wait until the phone launches at T-Mobile and Verizon, he said.

“Take a look over the next couple of weeks,” he said. “I expect we will see a stronger response.”

Whatever lets you sleep at night, Martyn.

Wachowskis working on Sense8, new sci-fi show coming to Netflix in 2014

Hot on the heels of Netflix’s original series House Of Cards, the company has announced that it will release a new sci-fi TV series to the platform called Sense8.
The show is being developed under the guidance of the Wachowskis, who are responsible for smash hits like the Matrix series of films, V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas and Speed Racer, as well as J. Michael Straczynski who is the creator behind Changeling, Thor, and Babylon 5.

How do I know this is just TechCrunch rewriting a press release? The writer referred to Cloud Atlas and Speed Racer as smash hits.