BGR thinks BlackBerry has pulled off a coup

blackberry z10

Zach Epstein:

BGR has now learned from multiple trusted sources that BlackBerry has indeed managed to pull off the coup it so desperately needed. Several high-level BlackBerry executives have confirmed internally that half of all BlackBerry Z10 sales in Canada have been made to new customers coming from other platforms.

What’s more, one-third of Z10 sales in the UK, another key market for BlackBerry, have been made to customers who did not already own BlackBerry smartphones.

Hate to tell you how to do your job Zach, but without sales numbers that doesn’t mean anything. Let’s say they sell 100,000 Z10s. Yay, they converted 50,000 people to their platform. That’s nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands of iPhones sold every single day.

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