Apple screwed, iPhone sales increasing by only 33 percent this year


Noel Randewich for Reuters, “Apple’s iPad to fall behind Android as tablet war grows”:

In the latest criticism from Wall Street, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek on Tuesday compared Apple to Blackberry saying the iPhone is now on the defensive against Samsung’s devices.

“Historically when handset makers fall out of favor (e.g., the Razr, Blackberry, HTC) they fall faster/further than expected,” Misek said.

Oh man, sounds like Apple’s fallen pretty far from its peak, huh?

Now, IDC says Apple may begin losing some its lead on tablets as well, though it remains the top seller among manufacturers.

Oh, so it’s still ahead, but shrinking.

Apple is expected to grow its revenue by $26 billion in its fiscal year ending in September, just over half of the $48 billion increase in revenue it saw the year before, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

Wait, what?

Samsung is likely to sell 290 million smartphones this year, up 35 percent from 2012, according to Strategy Analytics. Apple’s smartphone sales are projected to reach 180 million this year, up 33 percent.

So the company that sells the two most popular smartphones in the world is going to sell 33% more phones this year, and it’s going the way of Blackberry? How does Peter Misek have a job as an analyst? Why doesn’t Noel Randewich point out how reality completely flies in the face of the subheading, “IPHONE COULD GO WAY OF BLACKBERRY?”

It’s as if the Wall Street Journal and Reuters are reporting on some bizarro-tech industry where Apple is one month of bad iPhone sales away from being where it was in 1997.

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