Paul Ryan’s budget balances budget via cuts and higher taxes for poor and middle-class

paul ryan budget

“Paul Ryan’s budget: Social engineering with a side of deficit reduction”:

Here is Paul Ryan’s path to a balanced budget in three sentences: He cuts deep into spending on health care for the poor and some combination of education, infrastructure, research, public-safety, and low-income programs. The Affordable Care Act’s Medicare cuts remain, but the military is spared, as is Social Security. There’s a vague individual tax reform plan that leaves only two tax brackets — 10 percent and 25 percent — and will require either huge, deficit-busting tax cuts or increasing taxes on poor and middle-class households, as well as a vague corporate tax reform plan that lowers the rate from 35 percent to 25 percent.

Who needs education and research when there are countries on the other side of the planet that we need to go bomb? What is the point of cutting taxes on the rich in a deficit reduction plan? When does the confidence fairy come to save the economy? Where are all of our skilled service jobs going to go when no one can afford to go to college?   Why tax the wealthy when the wealthy when the poor, uneducated masses aren’t paying their fair share? How does Paul Ryan keep getting elected?

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