Tech writers get into hissy fit over Google Now, blame Google for their own poor reporting

The big story in the tech press today had to do with a “coded response” given by Eric Schmidt today regarding whether or not Google Now will be released on iOS. He responded with:

“You’ll need to discuss that with Apple,” Schmidt said. “Apple has a policy of approving or disapproving apps that are submitted into its store, and some of the apps we make they approve and some of them they don’t.”

Many tech blogs interpreted this as Schmidt hinting that Google had already submitted a Google Now app to the App Store and that Apple was intentionally holding up the approval process. I think that’s a fair interpretation of the quote, but some took the rumor and ran with it. Blogger Matt Alexander’s example of the headline Cult of Mac used for the story shows how tech sites exaggerated what they knew:

When it eventually came out that Google had not in fact submitted a Google Now app to the App Store (or an update to Google Search or Chrome integrating Now, which I believe is how Google will do it), bloggers decided to blame Google for their own failure to investigate before regurgitating the latest rumor popping up around the web. Jim Dalrymple went so far as to call Google “lying bastards,” which I happen to think is pointing the blame in the wrong direction. Again, Matt Alexander:

This isn’t a new phenomena. Remember when “sources at Google familiar with the matter” doubted that Apple would let Google Maps on to the App Store? Yeah, funny looking back on that knowing that Google Maps is still in the top 10 free apps in Apple’s App Store. This is why we take rumors with a grain of salt. Have fun speculating about what might happen, but don’t assume that just because a rumor spreads quickly means it is somehow more credible than any other guess. Apple isn’t going to do something that makes no business sense.

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