Crytek To Bid On Darksiders IP During May THQ Auction

While most of THQ’s intellectual properties have been sold off in light of its demise, there are a few left up for grabs in the upcoming May property auction. One of the choice IP’s remaining is Vigil’s Darksiders, which Far Cry and Crysis developer Crytek is interested in giving it a new home, according to Gamasutra.

The confirmation comes from tweets from Crytek USA’s CEO David Adams, as well as a quote from Vigil co-founder Ryan Stefanelli confirming that Crytek will be bidding on the franchise.

Darksiders II, first released last August, only sold 1.5 million units, and did not meet sales expectations for THQ despite being received well by critics. Personally, I found the game a little dull, and actually fell asleep while playing it. There was something about it that just didn’t capture the Zelda-like feeling of the original, and the focus on picking up tons of loot that was only marginally different from previous loot just didn’t grab me.

It’s hard to say what a Crytek-produced Darksiders sequel would play like, but at least it’ll be pretty. Aside from some console ports that didn’t quite match their PC counterparts, Crytek games almost always look bleeding-edge due to the company’s preference for developing new engines that make PC’s cry and die.


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