0x10c: Mojang takes Minecraft to space

In case you missed it, 0x10c is the next project from Notch, the creator of Minecraft.  The game features:

  • player ships controlled by a fully-programmable 16-bit computer
  • engineering
  • space battles
  • seamless space-to-planet transitions
  • mining and trading
  • laser guns
  • an open universe with both single-player and multiplayer variants

I love the graphic style – it reminds me of System Shock 2. Plus, it sounds like the game is going to perform well on most people’s computers:

Because there’s construction in the office, I was forced to work on a laptop today, which meant my 2011 13″ MacBook Air. Of course, the game didn’t run at all due to using too modern GLSL stuff, so I spent the morning switching stuff over to GLSL 120 and tweaking stuff around.

Now the game runs at 60+ fps on my computer, which is pretty nice considering it’s not very optimized yet. The framerate will drop a bit in the future when features get added, but it’s a promising start.

I’m even okay with the idea of it having a monthly fee if computers and physics are simulated even when players aren’t logged in. The best coders will have awesome ships – which will make people look at wikis on coding in the game. What an interesting way to “trick” gamers into learning about programming.

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