Rdio announces video streaming service: Vdio

Introducing Vdio – Rdio Blog — Rdio Blog:

So, what exactly can you watch on Vdio? Everything from the newest releases to cult classics and a whole lot in between from the major studios and networks. Right now, you can watch Skyfall, Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, The Hobbit, and thousands of other hit movies. You can also watch zombie heads explode on The Walking Dead, tune in to the Dowager’s latest quip on Downton Abbey, death-grip your armchair during Homeland, or marvel at the jaw-dropping perfection of Breaking Bad. TV shows are available the day after they air and you can subscribe to seasons at a discount. We plan on adding new titles and bonus content daily, so be sure to check back regularly to see what’s new.

Netflix’s recent Facebook integration has proven to be inconsequential to my usage. Rdio seems to be better at social, but I have a feeling that people prefer subscription to a la carte when it comes to video. If you’re interested in trying, you get $25 in credit for subscribing to Rdio’s $10/month plan.

Update: I agree with Shawn Blanc:

I would say that some sort of amalgamation of the two access models would be great: Paying Vdio a monthly fee to get unlimited access to whatever movies and TV shows that they are able to negotiate with studios, and then the ones which are not available that way you can pay extra to buy or rent.

But then I realize I already have that exact service via Netflix, iTunes, and my Apple TV.

As far as I can see, the only leg up Rdio has over Netflix and iTunes is their social network. As they wrote on their announcement post, some of the advantages to Vdio are the social-esque features such as seeing what your friends are watching, and creating “sets” (a.k.a. playlists for TV shows and movies) that you can then share with people.

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