Bloomberg adds Twitter to its trading platform

New York Mag:

A Bloomberg spokeswoman wouldn’t give us the full list of Twitter accounts approved for terminal display, but confirmed that there are “several thousand” accounts followed, with more being added constantly. With the help of a terminal user, we’ve patched together a very partial list of the accounts that are displayed on the terminal.

Since Bloomberg’s terminal also captures tweets with selected keywords and stock symbols, it’s possible that not all of these accounts are included on the approved-user list. But many are. The list includes mainstream and financial news services, well-known reporters and columnists, economists and traders, a handful of financial industry watchdogs (like Senator Elizabeth Warren), and a few celebrity oddballs (Donald Trump). There are also some notable absences — like, ahem, @NYMag — but overall, it’s pretty much the list you’d expect.

If you’d like to follow the same accounts as Wall Street traders, you can subscribe to this list and save yourself $20,000/year.

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