Intelligentsia = Progress

The major problem the human race faces when looking to make progress is not that said progress is impossible or even inherently difficult to accomplish, it’s that an overwhelming majority of the population is totally incompetent, impotent, and useless, and has no will to improve.

Any progress the human race actually does manage to make in the sciences, high technology, domestic and foreign policy, environmental protection,¬†etc. are all forced through by people who are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest in intelligence, compassion, foresight, and just about everything else that doesn’t involve sitting on their asses watching Real Housewives 8 hours a day, cramming kilograms of low-nutrient pseudo-meat and liters of high fructose corn syrup down their gullets.

Get it together and make this life worthwhile. We aren’t spending vast amounts of resources to keep you alive so you can spend 80 years being a culturally and morally bankrupt amorphous sack of fat-water without contributing anything meaningful.

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