Felix Salmon: Henry Blodget “stuck in a world of banner ads and CPMs”

What will Henry Blodget do with Jeff Bezos’s millions? | Felix Salmon:

Business Insider has always been run on something of a shoestring; it made the entirely understandable decision, for instance, to hold onto a large chunk of the capital it raised in the past, rather than blowing through it and then suddenly being forced to cut back for the sake of profitability. This new round allows BI to increase the amount it’s investing while still retaining a reassuring cushion. But $5 million is not remotely enough money to allow Blodget to pivot to a very different business model, even if he wanted to do so, which he probably doesn’t. For better or for worse, he’s stuck in a world of banner ads and CPMs, and although he’s done well in that world to date, the future of that world looks pretty bleak.

Blodget is very smart to not blow through the money that’s been invested in Business Insider. While he can’t spend his way to a new business model overnight, it gives him plenty of time to experiment while the digital publishing industry figures out the key to sustainable success.

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