Hack Your Maps

Young Hahn at A List Apart:

This article is a long overdue companion to Paul’s piece. Where he goes on a whirlwind survey of the web mapping stack at 10,000 feet, we’re going to walk through a single design process and implement a modern-day web map. By walking this path, I hope to begin making maps part of the collective conversation we have as designers.

This is an awesome geeky tutorial as to how to best use maps to provide an immersive experience on the web. If you’re a web developer, check this out: it could come in handy one day. Fans of Sherlock Holmes (either Downey Jr or BBC productions) may also like the idea behind the demonstration.

Personally, what Hahn creates in this article looks awesome and as a user, it’d be good to see more of this interactive, immersive use of apps around the web.

Hahn works for MapBox.

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