Fox Bans Unlicensed Firefly Hats


Have you been to a comic convention in the last five years? If so, you’ve probably seen a few dozen people wearing the above hat, worn by Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb in the cult-hit Firefly. Many Firefly fans either commission these hats, or provide them to other fans at a modest price through sites like Etsy.

Leave it to Fox, owner of the rights to Firefly, to upset fans by sending out cease-and-desist orders or outright bans to Etsy users who sell the hats. As reported on i09, Fox has licensed the popular hat to Ripple Junction, and while it’s not technically against the law to make and wear non-licensed hats, selling them online is no longer an option, lest you provoke the ire of the media conglomerate.

In response, Thinkgeek, one of the sites who carries the official hats, has come out saying that they had nothing to do with the bans. The popular geek-centric site has also announced, via The Mary Sue, that all proceeds from Jayne Cobb hat sales will go to Can’t Stop The Serenity, a group that organized Firefly screenings and events and donates the proceeds to Equality Now to help promote women’s rights worldwide.

This is probably the best backpedal I’ve ever seen.

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