When Everyone is an Eye-Witness, What is a Journalist?

Mark Little at Storyful: 

The frenzied debate about Boston and social media seems to have missed the central point. The greatest threat to ‘True Journalism’ is not social media but an outmoded concept of breaking news.

The anonymous Twitter user rushing to name a suspect or the TV reporter breathlessly quoting unnamed sources are cut from the same cloth. This is ‘Me First’ journalism, powered by vanity and self-importance, and it is the greatest threat to ‘True Journalism’.

In the wake of the Boston marathon bombings, there’s been a lot of discussion surrounding the role of journalism. I even wrote on this very website last week about the danger behind the internet taking the law into their own hands. Little, CEO at Storyful, provides an insightful and measured discussion of the sensitive issues surrounding the journalistic endeavours of the last two weeks.

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