Nintendo Seeking Mobile Ports for WiiU

A report from The Japan Times, via GamesIndustry International, states that Nintendo is offering professional conversion software to mobile game developers in an effort to coax them into porting their titles onto the WiiU. This news comes after Nintendo reported half of its projected sales for the last fiscal year, far below expected figures.

From The Japan Times:

A lack of popular games to play on Nintendo consoles was one of the main reasons behind the company’s worse-than-expected console sales and group operating loss of ¥36.4 billion reported for the year ended in March. It was Nintendo’s second consecutive annual operating loss.

Will mobile titles revitalize the WiiU? Perhaps, but only slightly. Having a more robust library of downloadable games that utilize the touch screen in interesting ways wouldn’t be a bad idea. However, what the WiiU is really missing is a better selection of full-price games that take advantage of the hardware. Upscaled ports aren’t going to do the job. I personally don’t own a WiiU due to my Five Game Rule. Once a system has five games worth owning, I consider picking it up. To date, nothing released on the WiiU has interested me enough to warrant adopting one.

Mobile apps won’t change that, as I have a phone for those, and generally enjoy those kinds of experiences when I’m mobile. Sitting at home and playing Cut the Rope on a WiiU Gamepad doesn’t scream “killer app” to me, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that regard.

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