Tesla’s Elon Musk leaves Zuckerberg’s lobbying group FWD.us

Exclusive: Elon Musk quits Zuckerberg’s immigration advocacy group | Reuters:

Billionaire environmentalist Elon Musk has quit a Silicon Valley advocacy group formed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg after the group funded ads for senators touting their support for an oil pipeline and oil drilling in Alaska.

Musk leads one of the world’s best known “green” companies, electric carmaker Tesla. A Tesla spokeswoman told Reuters on Friday that the South African-born entrepreneur preferred not to elaborate on his reasons for leaving FWD.us.

I was initially excited when I heard that Mark Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley leaders were founding a lobbying group to push for immigration reform. If anyone could cause real change in Washington, it had to be a bunch of liberal millionaires and billionaires with money to spend, right? Then the group started supporting Senators in favor of Arctic drilling and the Keystone XL pipeline. Not cool, Zuckmeister.

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