Obscure Games on Tumblr


While there’s nothing wrong with mainstream hits, I always find that you can learn the most about a medium by delving into its untapped annals. This is especially true with video games, and why I enjoy the Obscure Video Games tumblr so much.

Half the fun is seeing how many games you recognize or have played in the past. The rest is learning just how many titles have passed most of us by. No matter how deep you think you are into games, there’s something out there that you haven’t played, guaranteed, and this tumblr is a great collection of “lost” game experiences.

I recently went on a trip to find archived copies of games available through an old cable download service. Only one of them was remade for DOS; the rest are lost forever, as the service is long gone. It makes you wonder: How many games do we lose? How many experiences will we never get to share? It’s a little evangelistic, but I think celebrating the obscure in games is less hipster and more curatorial. That’s why I’m glad that a tumblr like this exists. Propagation of knowledge is how it survives, and while video games are a relatively unimportant part of the big picture, they’ve helped shape our popular culture, and are therefore worthy of protection and preservation.

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