RoboCop Statue Nears Completion


Remember that 10-foot tall statue of RoboCop that was supposed to be installed in Detroit? Well, it’s nearing completion, having just been cast in foam, and is ready for bronzing in the near future.

The Onion’s A.V. Club reports that the statue should be completed and ready to be placed sometime next summer. This is great news, not just for fans of RoboCop, but for all pop-culture aficionados seeking to prove just how deeply media can influence our daily lives. Now, we’ll have proof, in the form of a 10-foot shining bastion of justice and mechanized violence.

Coincidentally, the joke proposal to erect a 10-foot tall Wolverine statue in Edmonton, Alberta may happen as well. Welcome to the new Bronze Age. I hope every city gets its own metallic protector in due time. So long as Vancouver gets Batman, of course.

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