A Look at Gmail’s New Tabbed Interface

Check your inbox today, because Google is rolling out a new version of Gmail that should solve the “e-mail overload” problem that forces people like me to turn off social media notifications and set up ridiculous sets of filters.

The Verge posted a video today that goes over the new tabbed interface. The update adds five tabs, which are somewhat customizable, to the top of your inbox interface. Primary is for friends and family. Social contains your social media updates from Facebook, Twitter etc. Promotions keeps all those Groupon ads in one convenient place. Updates contains bills, and finally, Forums handles all of your message board replies and posts.

As usual, Gmail will learn from what you do, and if you place an e-mail in one of these folders, it will pick up on the action and try to place other emails similarly.

Though the mobile interface for the new Gmail update places all of the tabs in a side bar, which looks a little annoying to use, this system should help alleviate e-mail-related stress once it goes live for all users later today. It’ll take a bit of teaching, and a week or two of checking every tab to make sure credit card bills go to the right place, but once sufficiently educated, Gmail should be easier to use than before.

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