Americans dropping home Internet in favor of wireless

Cord-Cutters Lop Off Internet Service More Than TV –

Hundreds of thousands of Americans canceled their home Internet service last year, surveys suggest, taking advantage of the proliferation of Wi-Fi hot spots and fast new wireless networks that have made Web connections on smartphones and tablets ubiquitous.

Last year around 1% of U.S. households stopped paying for home Internet subscriptions and relied on wireless access instead, according to consumer surveys by Leichtman Research Group Inc. Just 0.4% of households in the last year canceled their pay-television subscriptions in favor of getting video entertainment over the Internet via services such as Hulu or Netflix.

When LTE-Advanced comes out in the next few years, this is going to look like a pretty attractive option – ¬†assuming data caps raise to the point where an HD movie doesn’t make you hit your data cap in an hour.

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