Marco Arment sells The Magazine

Yesterday, Marco Arment (creator of Instapaper and Tumblr’s first employee) sold his iOS and web-only publication, The Magazine to its Executive Editor, Glenn Fleishman.

The Magazine is a digital magazine, delivered straight to your iOS devices every two weeks. It covers all manner of subjects, from pawnbrokers to mountain rescue, to goat midwifery.

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Glenn previously and can tell his enthusiasm toward the project and journalism as a whole will mean that The Magazine continues to break barriers that were previously holding back the digital magazine format.

Here’s what he had to say about the sale:

I love writing, and have appreciated all the time and effort my editors have and continue to put into making my words work in the right order. It’s great to work with both new writers and experienced ones to try to find the sculpture inside the block of marble.

It’s been great working with Marco, who is an exceptionally decent human being, and overflows with different facets of creativity. He’s been the art director, taking photos for the publication (he’s got a great eye), and handled all the business side. A bunch of people have my back going forward, all spelled out in the press release and in the editor’s note that’s now on The Magazine’s site.

I’m interested to see where Glenn and his (new) team (of one) take The Magazine.

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