Airmail for Mac is awesome


Airmail for Mac is a new third party mail client that not only supports a plethora of account types, but is also one of the most visually appealing email apps for Mac I’ve ever used. For users who are still clutching onto Sparrow while waiting for a viable alternative, you may just find your solution in Airmail.

Having been a user of Sparrow, I’ve been meaning to switch away ever since I realised that the app was probably going to meet its ends soon enough, having been acquired by Google. The problem was that the only viable solution was to switch over to To me, Apple’s feels so bloated and horrible that the two week stint where I switched everything over was basically like living in hell.

Alas, Airmail has come along now and I love it. The review linked is basically what I think of the app as a whole, written by Allyson. The day of salvation has arrived.

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