Contra: Evolution Launches on North American App Store


Though originally only available on the Chinese App Store, Contra: Evolution, an HD remake of the original game, is now available for $0.99 on the North American App Store.

Details from TouchArcade:

I’ve only given it a short go, but it’s pretty much what I hoped it would be: a revamped Contra. The two original action heroes Lance and Bill make their return, but there’s two new female characters to play as too. The remade visuals look nice too, though it does feel like it’s lost some of its charm over the original graphics.

Something that might be a point of concern is the addition of a dual-currency and IAP system into Contra: Evolution. So far it appears to be just the “speed things up” variety, and all the different weapons look like they can just be bought through playing the game, leveling up, and earning the currency. Time will tell how this shakes out.

Revamped Contra is nice, but if you’re playing one of the hardest action series in gaming history, tight control is key. I’m a little torn on the idea of touchscreen controls. The IAP sound interesting, though. Having access to a Spread Gun at any time would definitely speed up my NES runs.

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