Iain Dodsworth leaves Twitter


Iain Dodsworth, founder of the power-user application TweetDeck, announced Friday that he is leaving Twitter, two years after TweetDeck was acquired by the microblogging company.

“Two years since the @TweetDeck acquisition and now feels like a perfect time to start something new. Goodbye @Twitter, it’s been marvellous,” Dodsworth said in a tweet on Friday morning.

It’s a shame to see Iain leave Twitter. He’s a fellow Brit and in TweetDeck built an astoundingly popular piece of software. The move reminds me of Loren Brichter’s departure from Twitter little over a year after Twitter acquired his app, Tweetie, and used it as their official client. Companies that acquire have a habit of taking steps to make apps move away from the original vision. Those steps are usually necessary to make the apps successful in a wider market, but they often disgruntle those behind them in the first place. That said, there’s no implication that this is the case with Iain, I’m just looking beyond what has been said and seeing a possible wider state of affairs.

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