Finally! An opportunity to get rid of roaming fees

Neelie Kroes unveils Net Neutrality plan for Europe, aims to end mobile roaming fees in 2014:

While travellers in Europe are enjoying lower roaming fees across the continent, the European Commission (EC) believes that isn’t enough. As part of new legislation, its vice president Neelie Kroes today unveiled new plans to end mobile roaming, and for the first time, guarantee net neutrality. Kroes’ legislative package is aimed at uniting European carriers, offering a single telecoms market by next year.

This news is most welcome. While it doesn’t help those in the US, a single European telecoms market is an extremely appealing prospect and the idea of a Europe without data roaming charges is mouthwatering. Add in to that the idea of a Europe-wide net neutrality law and this prospect gets even better. Hopefully Kroes reaches a good compromise with all involved and we’ll see this concept become reality.

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