Forbes writer travels in time from 2011, invents Surface

Intel Haswell Dramatically Strengthens The ‘2 In 1’ Device Argument – Forbes:

At 7 watts SDP, this could enable a tablet, detachable, or convertible with up to 8-10 hours of battery life with PC-like performance.  As a tablet, it would require a small fan and if it were a tablet would be a bit thicker than the iPad at 11-12mm, a bit heavier, and more expensive.  The trade-off is you get PC performance and features. Consider a convertible or detachable in this scenario.  You are basically getting the most powerful notebook at the thinnest dimensions with up to 8-10 hours battery life, always-on, always connected that can serve as a decent tablet under many circumstances.  All three of these form-factor scenarios are powerful, and I believe that this would sway many people to buy a new Haswell-based tablet, detachable or convertible. At this point you need to question just how many consumers will lay down $699 for your typically configured 10” iPad.

Wow: a tablet that:

  • has the power of a PC
  • needs a fan
  • is a bit thicker than an iPad
  • costs more than an iPad

I bet that would sell like hotcakes! Oh, wait:

According to the IDC, the Redmond company shipped 900,000 units of the Surface tablet. The unit figures equate to 1.8 percent of the first-quarter market share for 2013. The percentage presents both Surface with Windows RT and Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablets, however, IDC noted most of the shipments were of the latter.

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