Meet the real-life Lucille Bluth: Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board

A Publication’s Spirit, Captured – The Atlantic:

I’ve always wondered how exactly to describe the temperament, the broadmindedness, the analytical subtlety, the Id that through the decades have shaped the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page. Conveniently, the Journal has filled that need, via this video interview with one of its editorial board members. Henceforth when you read the Journal’s editorials, I invite you to hear this voice, expression, and tone.

She’s arguing against letting people use bikes at a low cost. No pedestrians have been hit by a bike in New York in the last four years – while¬†597¬†have been hit by cars and trucks. She is told this and responds with a monologue that could easily pass for the words of the Bluth matriarch:

“Before this, it was dangerous. Before this, every citizen knew – who’s in any way sentient – that the most important danger in the city is not the yellow cabs, it is the bicyclists who veer in and out of the sidewalk – empowered by the city administration with the idea that they are privileged, because they are helping, they are part of all of the good forward-looking things.

The fact that the city is helpless before the driven, personal ideological passions of its leader – in the interests, ‘allegedly,’ of the good of the city – this can take many forms, but we have seen the most dramatic exposition of this in our city…

This woman is on the editorial board of the largest newspaper in the United States. Good lord.

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