Chilean company lets you 3D print your thoughts

Your Thoughts Printed As 3D Objects:

First, users start by donning an Emotiv EPOC headset that uses an array of sensors to measure electrical signals in the brain that are associated with feelings and expressions. Next, Thinker Thing software shows users a series of basic, on-screen shapes. As those shapes begin to mutate and evolve, users can approve or disapprove each change according to the object they have in their mind. The EPOC headset transmits these thoughts to the system, which eventually whittles the user’s idea into a design that can be 3D printed.

‘Our software will allow the user to evolve 3D models with the power of thought which will then be created in ABS plastic using a MakerBot Industries Replicator, the latest in desktop 3D printing,’ explains the company’s website.

Yup, we live in the future.

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