The Next Web’s Jon Russell fails at math

First sign of a comeback? HTC sales hit $970m in May, its best month of business since June 2012 :

It’s fair to say that things couldn’t have got any worse financially for Taiwan’s HTC after it posted a mere $2.88 million in profit in Q1 2013. But it appears the worst may be over as the phone maker took its first step back to respectability after announcing NT$29 billion (US$ 970 million) in revenue for May 2013.

That figure is still 3 percent lower than May 2012, but it’s close to double the NT$19.5 billion ($652 million) that the company grossed in April and represents its best month of business since June 2012.

I know tech journalism isn’t very math intensive, but seriously –  that’s not even a 50% increase, let alone “close to double.”

Update: Jon and I had a fun little exchange on Twitter. He thought I should add: no relation.

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