Facebook is becoming a social media hydra

The great defriending of Facebook:

When friends’ posts do show up in your feed, a lot of times they’re just sharing another image or link or video. External content, i.e., stuff that isn’t native to Facebook (memes, articles, pretty science photographs), is the network’s new social currency. Facebook is mutating into a social media hydra, a bit like Twitter, which dominates live events (Facebook even experimenting with hashtags) and a bit like Tumblr, which rules entertainment and fandom. The only problem? Those companies are already the very best at what they do, and to compete against them Facebook has to dilute the highly personal network of real relationships that makes it unique.

Soon you’re going to start judging Facebook friends on how good they are at sharing stuff—not on their actual relationship with you.

Among my friends, Facebook is considered something a necessary evil in the social scene. No one really likes using it, but it’s still where everyone uploads all their photos with friends and family and where we go to set up plans with groups of people. But no company wants to own the site that people feel they have to use despite hating it – that’s like being MySpace in 2007.

(He said as he posted this to The Russell Bulletin’s Facebook page and shared to all his friends.)

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