Forbes tells female game developers what to wear to E3 game expo

I recommend not clicking the following link. Seriously, don’t even give them the page views.

Going to E3 2013? Here’s What To Wear:

If you’ve been to E3 before, you know the challenge.  How do you convey credibility in promoting your game, your studio and yourself at the convention in a room full of guys gawking at larger-than-life, theme-park-like attractions and scantily clad ‘booth babes’?

Many women prefer to keep a low profile with “non booth babe” wear – like a baggy t-shirt and jeans.  But in an industry trying to attract more female gamers, its worthwhile to spend some time thinking about how what you wear can help you stand out as the savvy gaming industry expert that you are.

Here are two outfits to inspire your E3 wardrobe – one for a day at the convention center and one for the even more popular after parties.

There’s a lesson to be learned here: Forbes’s video game section is a joke.

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