Blackberry customer service is the worst

What If Blackberry Customer Service Ran Other Things?:

BLACKBERRY CUSTOMER SERVICE: We send the update to your phone automatically. You just have to be prepared for it. It’s that time of year, so you should know that and make sure your phone doesn’t die.

ME: It didn’t really die. It stalled. It couldn’t process backing up the ‘Social Feeds’ app and then it shut down.

BLACKBERRY CUSTOMER SERVICE: Oh, you should’ve uninstalled that app.

ME: It came with the phone.

BLACKBERRY CUSTOMER SERVICE: I know, it’s bundled with Blackberry Bold but it’s buggy and I’d uninstall it if I were you. Didn’t you have your information backed up?

It’s your fault for not uninstalling that buggy app that we shipped with our phone. Duh.

BBM Comes to Android and iOS

Chris Welch for The Verge: 

BlackBerry has just announced that its hugely popular BBM messaging service is going multi-platform: it will be released for Android and iOS as a free app this summer. BBM will support iOS hardware running iOS 6 and above; the Android version will be compatible with version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above.

This move is far too late for BlackBerry. Multiple journalists noted on Twitter that this is a move that would perhaps have best been made about four years ago.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins noted that BlackBerry is making this move now as “a statement of confidence”. Apparently they’re so confident in BB10 that they no longer need BBM to be an exclusive-to-BlackBerry service in order to attract users. I highly doubt that’s the case. It’s probably more a case of getting the spotlight back on BlackBerry and getting users using their products again.

Cynicism aside, it’ll be interesting to see what sort of apps BlackBerry cooks up for both Android and iOS.


Blackberry posts a profit in Q4 2012

BlackBerry Posts Promising Q4 Results After BB10 Launch: EPS Of $0.22, Revenue Of $2.7B, ~1M Z10s Shipped | TechCrunch:

BlackBerry needs to figure out how to bring BlackBerry 10 to the masses in a big way, lest it yield its hard-fought position to a sea of cheap Android phones.

Quick, get in the Delorean! Chris Velazco is stuck in 2008!

I jest, I jest. So how did Blackberry pull this off? Is the Z10 selling like gangbusters or something?  Businessweek’s Felix Gillette gives us the reason:

Heins has since eliminated 5,000 workers and shuttered several manufacturing sites. Along the way, he has managed to achieve a profitable quarter even as overall revenue dropped 36 percent from the previous year.

One-fifth of Blackberry 10 apps are Android ports

Ina Fried for AllThingsD:

Roughly 20 percent of the 100,000 BlackBerry 10 apps fall into this category, according to Martyn Mallick, BlackBerry’s vice president for global alliances and business development.

What do Blackberry users and Android tablet users have in common? Shitty Android phone app ports.

I also thought this was cute:

As for the U.S. launch, Mallick said he isn’t putting too much stock in reports that the Z10 is getting a lukewarm response at AT&T. Wait until the phone launches at T-Mobile and Verizon, he said.

“Take a look over the next couple of weeks,” he said. “I expect we will see a stronger response.”

Whatever lets you sleep at night, Martyn.

Research In Motion rebrands itself as BlackBerry

Research In Motion rebrands itself as BlackBerry | The Verge:

“At today’s BlackBerry 10 event, CEO Thorsten Heins announced that his company will no longer be known as Research In Motion. As of today, RIM is being rebranded as BlackBerry. ‘We have reinvented the company, and we want to represent this in our brand,’ Heins said. ‘One brand. One promise. Our customers use a BlackBerry, our employees work for BlackBerry, and our shareholders are owners of BlackBerry.'”

 About time. No average person had any idea that Research in Motion was the company that made BlackBerries. I’d be willing to bet that most people already thought the company was called BlackBerry.